April is Heartworm Disease Awareness Month!

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The TRUTH about Heartworm Disease

By Allison Hiers, DVM Owner Trenton Animal Hospital

TRUE or FALSE…Heartworm Disease is rare. FALSE! A recent study showed that 1 in 3 dogs not on monthly heartworm prevention in North Florida had heartworm disease!

TRUE or FALSE…Only dogs gets heartworm disease. FALSE! Cats and dogs both get heartworm disease...even if they are “inside” animals.

TRUE or FALSE…Animals contract heartworms by mosquito bites. TRUE! A mosquito injects microscopic worms under your animals skin and it takes 6 months for these worms to mature and travel to the heart where they live until they are killed or die. Heartworms are NOT contagious from animal to animal or to people.

TRUE or FALSE…It is expensive to prevent heartworm disease.

FALSE! An annual blood test for only $20-30 is needed and medicine to prevent heartworm disease (as well as intestinal worms) is only dollars a month.

TRUE or FALSE… “My animal is acting perfectly healthy so he/she can’t have heartworms!” FALSE! Most animals that have heartworms show no clinical signs like coughing until they are in the end-stages of heart, lung and/or liver failure. The first sign a cat can show is sudden death.

TRUE or FALSE…It is very expensive to treat heartworm disease. TRUE AND FALSE!…The ideal way to treat heartworm disease is with a series of injections that kills all living worms in the animal, this method is safe but can be expensive for large dogs. However, another less expensive and safe method is available to clear heartworm disease that costs less than $30 a month.

Please feel free to call our clinic with any further questions! Remember, for only dollars a month you can prevent this fatal disease and give your dog/cat the long, healthy life they deserve! This month we are offering a $15 Heartworm Test with the purchase of a 6 month supply of preventative PLUS get a month of preventative free!